me: thinking inappropriate thoughts
me: thinking inappropriate thoughts
me: thinking inappropriate thoughts
me: thinking inappropriate thoughts
me: thinking inappropriate thoughts
me: thinking inappropriate thoughts
me: thinking inappropriate thoughts
me: omg what if I actually said something out loud
me: omg what if there is a telepath around here
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WOW. Just a few months ago I was doing a giveaway for 5k followers and now there are over 10k of you? ASLFLKDJFG. Thank you for following me and putting up with my randomness and Captain Swan spams. <3 I know I say this all the time but seriously, I never thought I’d get over 100 followers. SERIOUSLY. Y’all are amazing and I love you all. <333

But yeah, this is the exact same giveaway I did last time but it was pretty popular and I’m boring so why not do it again. Ha! These are Once Upon a Time character necklaces and the last winners really liked the ones they picked so yeah. :) And I’m only giving away these necklaces because this is kind of a Once/Captain Swan blog if you couldn’t tell. Hahaha. :)

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  • Must be following me since this is a thank you to my followers.
  • Reblogs only. You can like the post but it won’t count.
  • You can reblog as many times as you like.
  • No giveaway blogs, please.
  • Giveaway ends on October 15th, 2014 at 11:59PM EST.
  • There will be three winners selected.
  • The winners will be selected by me closing my eyes and scrolling through the notes and stopping at a random one. Ha! :)
  • Each winner will have their choice of one necklace listed above.
  • I will contact each winner on October 17, 2014. If you don’t reply within 2 days, I will pick another winner.
  • Open to everyone, no matter where you are!
  • You must be willing to give me your address so I can have the Etsy maker ship it directly to you.
If you have any questions, send me a message.
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Mom: ' well you need to call them and ask.'
Me: I dont think you understand how much i cannot do that.
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Unpopular Opinion

(If you agree with the violent protests in Ferguson, MO. I suggest you don’t read this. Or do, I really don’t care either way.)

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Reblog if you are insecure about anything below:






-intelligence (or lack of) 

-skills (or lack of) 

-weird hobbies

-friends (or lack of) 




Who ever reblogs this will get a message in their inbox.

all of em

All of the above

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Lana Parrilla; The Evil Dorky Queen.

Hannah look

OMG that is amazing. 

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My goal in life is to master the “Olivia Benson walk.” 

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Does anyone have a live stream link for Once Upon A Time’s panel at SDCC today?

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"I even liked that blue haired girl"
- Donny, already forgetting evicted houseguests names (via candiestewart)
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Clue (Jonathan Lynn, 1985)

Madeline Kahn was just so, so, so brilliant.

I want to be Madeline Kahn when I grow up.

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